The temporary time has come: moving on

Dear everyone who still stops by here – in spite of the gap between posts, I still think of you and want to continue our conversations.

It turns out though, that this current incarnation of a blog has some limitations in relation to some of the other things I’m doing.

If you’d like to visit the current blog-home, try this: Wander-Bird

One thing I’ve noticed is that Blogger and WordPress aren’t always compatible and I sometimes have trouble logging in to leave comments on Blogger blogs – I’ll do what I can to work around that but sometimes you’ll find that my login info leads in a kind of circuitous detour. That’s ok, I guess that’s what Wander-Birds do.

Additionally, if I “followed” you through this blog, I’m moving all my subscriptions to another feed service – don’t be alarmed when I unsubscribe through Temporary Reality!